Newsletter | July 28, 2021

07.28.21 -- Marketing Do's & Don'ts When B2B Trade Shows Return

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B2B marketers have been on a collective diet for most of the past 18 months.


This diet started suddenly, shocking our lead-generating systems. There was no time to meal prep or to secure a gym membership. When a global pandemic brought in-person events to a screeching halt, marketers were forced to find more balanced ways to feed their funnels.

Now that events are coming back, we need to learn to eat in moderation. This week's featured article lists six key things to help your marketing diet stay healthy.

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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Marketing Do's & Don'ts When B2B Trade Shows Return

A global pandemic meant B2B marketers couldn't spend money on in-person events for many months, but will they continue to think outside the box when the temptation returns?

B2B Content Marketing Is The New And Improved Trade Show Floor

The buyer’s journey has changed, and that’s exactly why B2B marketers need to invest more in content marketing and less in outdated brand awareness activities like trade shows.

From The Editor: An Insider’s Take On B2B Events

I love B2B events, sales reps love events, some marketers love events – but that doesn't mean events should eat up so much budget that you can’t effectively reach your target prospects in other, more cost-effective ways.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Are B2B Buyers Traveling Again?

In May 2021, Industry Standard Research (ISR), asked decision-makers in the life sciences industry from around the world about their travel expectations for the remainder of 2021. The goals of the study were to understand the barriers to restarting business travel, assess the comfort level with business travel in the wake of the pandemic, and predict when the return to in-person events will occur. You might be surprised what the research revealed.

Business Travel Faces Long Road To Recovery From Pandemic

Last month, Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalist Kelly Yamanouchi penned an intriguing article. She points out, "American leisure air travel is bouncing back quickly after plunging last year. But it could take months or years for business travel to return to normal — if ever — even as more companies prepare to bring workers back to offices." Atlantic may very well be a microcosm for B2B business travel worldwide.