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01.26.22 -- If you're not transforming, you're...?

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A search for antonyms of the word transformation reveals some unflattering mental images: withering, degeneration, worsening, degradation, fading and perishing. Can you imagine a business leader introducing a new strategy for B2B sales called digital regression


The term transformation has reached buzzword popularity in B2B marketing and sales circles, and a brief consideration of alternative expressions explains why. However, sometimes we too freely and haphazardly throw transformation around and its meaning is lost in its overuse.


I have a great appreciation for the value of continuous improvement: if I'm not becoming better, I'm becoming worse. I recently spoke with Kathleen Glass, an expert in transforming B2B marketing and sales teams to keep pace with buyers. She is a personal model for how we can all benefit from the philosophy of continuous improvement. In the feature article of our newsletter, Kathleen shares her thoughts on the traits and skills needed by B2B salespeople to be successful today, and they have certainly evolved. And there is much more! 


What do you think modern B2B salespeople need to have for success?


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