Newsletter | December 16, 2020

12.16.20 -- How To Explain Content Marketing To Sales & Executive Teams

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We know it's hard to explain content marketing to others on your team who are not marketers by trade. But a lot has been hard in 2020.


So let's buckle down and take these last few weeks of the year to get our teams on the same page. Let's teach them how to effectively identify, learn, help, engage, and understand buyers (through content, of course).


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


How To Explain Content Marketing To Sales & Executive Teams

Content marketing might not be a new concept for marketers, but it usually is for sales teams, and that's why marketers need to take the initiative to educate their colleagues about what it is and how it works.

A Content Marketing Cheat Sheet For Non-Marketers

Commonly used content marketing terms and FAQs to help marketers explain content marketing to their sales reps and executive team.

How To Get SMEs To Play For Your Content Marketing Team

Tips for explaining content marketing to the subject matter experts who can make or break your content strategy.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Audience Personas: An Alternative Approach To Content Marketing Personas

"A great content marketing strategy places the focus on the continual growth of the audience as an asset with many, many attributes," says Robert Rose in this guest post on The Content Advisory.

100+ Content Marketing Predictions for 2021

A challenge for our Follow Your Buyer readers: how many of these predictions can you leverage to get more buy-in from sales and executive teams?