Newsletter | April 28, 2021

04.28.21 -- How Much Content Do B2B Marketers Really Need?

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Marketers have long formulated annual strategies around the question of, "How many trade shows can we attend/sponsor?" The answer almost always depends on budget.


Creating content, however, has more budgetary wiggle room. Outsourcing a white paper doesn't cost nearly as much as the happy hour you wish you could sponsor at the industry's largest trade show, right? (Right.)


In this week's featured article, we help marketers decide how much thought leadership content is "enough."


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


What Does Enough Thought Leadership Look Like In Content Marketing?

There is a critical minimum volume of content that B2B marketers need to earn thought leadership status on a narrative.

The Risk Of Confusing Thought Leadership With Selling

B2B buyers engage with – and find immense value in –thought leadership content, but only when marketers focus on helping during the early stages of the buyer’s journey (not on selling).

Communicating Your Value In The Information Age

Communicating your value in The Information Age means giving your prospect what they need rather than what you want.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
Seizing The Untapped Potential Of Thought Leadership

"The study confirms that B2B decision-makers are spending meaningful time consuming thought leadership content that, when done well, can significantly influence brand perception and buying behaviors." That's it. That's the finding. The LinkedIn-Edelman thought leadership study should be required reading for anyone with skin in the content marketing game.

Mental Models Are The Key To Measuring The Things That Matter

"Many marketers use metrics of no relevance to brand or financial outcomes, but the following concepts can help guide you towards more effective measurement," writes Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo in their guest article for MarketingWeek. If you read nothing else in this week's newsletter, let it be the three takeaways listed at the very end of this article.