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03.08.23 -- How H2H is your B2B marketing and sales?

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How H2H is your B2B marketing and sales?


Behind each brand and every B2B relationship is a group of buyers and solution providers, real people who apply a blend of logic and emotion to their work. Yet, B2B marketing content leans heavily toward logic and reasoning.


According to Ben Laws, Executive Vice President and Deputy U.S. Lead, Edelman Business Marketing, “it is a fallacy that B2B marketing should not be emotive. It absolutely should be, and that’s not just a finger in the wind opinion, there is a lot of data that backs that up.”


What this means is that we should focus more on creating Human2Human content, or H2H. Rather than talking only about things, we should pay more attention to the people behind the technology, services, processes, science, and engineering and include them in our marketing content. More importantly, we should emphasize what these things can do to improve the lives of the people who purchase them.


When was the last time you heard a buyer speak about the great relationship they have with the manufacturing equipment they purchased recently? Rather, they talk about the people who represent the equipment.


This edition of our newsletter focuses on creating marketing content that captures the H2H relationships that are so important to great buyers’ journeys, superior customer experiences, and business growth in B2B solution provider companies.


Our feature article comes from Altitude Marketing and contains tips on how to better humanize your B2B brand. We also revisit a popular article from 2022 on infusing an emotional component into your B2B marketing strategy. And there is some advice on content creation from our favorite content expert, Wendy Jacobson.


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Perry Rearick

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