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11.17.21 -- Have we lost the art of storytelling?

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At Follow Your Buyer, we think it is valuable to sometimes discuss topics that we would rather avoid, this is one those newsletters, and the topic is the quality of B2B marketing content.


For some reason, we have all silently agreed that B2B content should be boring. We love to write about ourselves, offer chronological histories of our companies, and put our target audiences to sleep with power point presentations that are heavily laden with charts and graphs. Have we lost the art of storytelling?


Is this an opinion? Yes! But it happens to be the opinion of the buyers we want to reach with the content. Why would we continue to do such a thing? So, with that said, we put together a newsletter focused on creating higher quality, interesting, and when appropriate, fun marketing content.


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If you have ideas on how to tell great stories, I’d love to hear them, and you can contact me at


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Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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The folks at Yeti are hands down the best storytellers in the land! And yes, that’s the company that makes those exceptional coolers, thermoses, and tumblers. The Yeti Presents series is a collection of rich stories about interesting people. And if you watch closely, you might actually see a Yeti product, they're mighty illusive you know. 


If you’ve never viewed one of these, I highly encourage you watch this Yeti Anthem.  YETI Anthem - YouTube