Newsletter | September 15, 2021

09.15.21 -- Google Makes It Official: Content Marketing Is Now the #1 Ranking Factor

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When I first took the reigns for Follow Your Buyer, one of my first phone calls was to my former colleague Perry Rearick. A former colleague, I wanted to pick his brain about his time as the director of publishing at our sister brand, Life Science Connect. . Our conversation lasted nearly two hours, and he shared his unique insights on the different marketing-related challenges faced by marketing, sales, and executive personas.


One thing he said more than two years ago really struck a chord with me, "Marketing doesn’t have much empathy for how difficult the sales process is." As I got closer to the sales process, I realized just how right he was. I realized I would never fully understand the sales process unless I lived it every day.


And so I decided to move seats on our bus. I'm now in a sales seat, and it's been an eye-opening experience (in a good way). I quickly realized the Follow Your Buyer brand needed more attention than I was able to give in a part-time capacity. It made perfect sense to ask Perry to rejoin our team.


In many ways, Perry helped lay the foundation for the Follow Your Buyer brand. And in many more ways, he will continue to build on that foundation as the new Chief Editor. As a former officer in the United States Army Special Forces, I know he is up for this challenge. His leadership experience, coupled with his keen understanding of how marketing and sales should work, will serve him well as the new face of Follow Your Buyer.


This week's featured articles were all penned by Perry when he was a contributor to Follow Your Buyer. You can expect to see his name on many more bylines in the future.


Thanks for reading, and please give a warm welcome to Perry!




Abby Sorensen

Executive Editor At-Large | Follow Your Buyer


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