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12.23.20 -- Follow Your Buyer's Top 10 Articles You Missed In 2020

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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


5 Stages Of B2B Content Marketing Maturity

Regardless of company size, industry, or experience, most B2B marketers go through these 5 stages of content marketing competency and maturity.

The Risk Of Confusing Thought Leadership With Selling

B2B buyers engage with – and find immense value in –thought leadership content, but only when marketers focus on helping during the early stages of the buyer’s journey (not on selling).

Write For Someone, Not For Everyone

Developing accurate buyer personas and tailoring content might sound easy, but it’s arguably the most difficult – and the most important – part of the content marketing process.

The New Normal In B2B Marketing Is Already Here

This is a watershed moment for B2B marketers to reallocate marketing budgets to better align with the buyer's journey.

Imagining An Ideal Application Of Behavioral Analytics In B2B Marketing

Marketers have a blind spot when it comes to differentiating interest vs. intent, but there is a way to expand the view into the buyer’s journey.

Outcomes Driven Marketing (ODM): A Model for Business Growth In The Information Age

Today B2B solution-providers face a very different environment in which prospects, rather than sellers, exercise control over the buyer’s process. The buyer’s ability to discern meaningful value is far greater than the influencing power of a traditional sales pitch.

The Trouble With Silos

No one gets excited about adding another meeting to their schedule, but the right kind can offer immediate improvement if you suspect important information is getting trapped in your separate marketing and sales silos.

The Best Content Marketing Can’t Outperform Bad Sales Follow-up

A perfectly executed content marketing strategy won’t lead to more revenue unless sales follow-up is existent, effective, and consistent.

2 Missing Pieces Of Your Marketing Attribution Puzzle

Measuring ROI in B2B marketing is easier with multi-touch and multi-contact attribution models that shed light on the entire buyer’s journey.

From The Editor: An Insider’s Take On B2B Events

I love B2B events, sales reps love events, some marketers love events – but that doesn't mean events should eat up so much budget that you can’t effectively reach your target prospects in other, more cost-effective ways.