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10.28.20 -- Expedite Your B2B Content Process With These 5 Questions

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This morning my dog boarded a bus to doggie daycare. The bus is dubbed the "Bark 'n Ride" (check it out). A local doggie daycare and boarding facility acquired a bus, retrofitted it with kennels, painted it, and started coordinating pickups and drop-offs to daycare.

The owner of this doggie daycare had no prior experience driving a bus full of dogs. His background is in breeding and training hunting dogs. He bought some land for that business. Then he built a dog park. Then he expanded to boarding. Then he opened a daycare. And now he owns a dog bus.

But there was no dog bus on day one. It took a lot of difficult steps to get there.

B2B marketers often get started with content marketing without understanding the many difficult steps it will take to generate leads that will bring in revenue.

This week's feature article is about one of those critical steps: Getting content created and approved (and quickly). If Joe from my local doggie daycare can single-handedly figure out a bus for dogs, then can't you get that white paper approved and distributed sooner rather than later? 

Thanks for reading. And please enjoy these pictures of my dog Rosie enjoying a recent trip to daycare.


Abby Sorensen
Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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