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11.10.21 -- Does B2B Thought Leadership Content Really Work?

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Nothing like a global pandemic to fuel the adoption of content marketing strategies. With extra cash from canceled tradeshows and conferences over the past 18 months, B2B companies, that previously dabbled in content marketing, went all in.


Thought leadership articles, case studies, and “about us” videos were hastily put together and spread across the digital sphere faster than the pandemic itself. You know the saying, “when you want it bad it often turns out that way.” Much of this content wasn’t very good, failed to deliver results, and has sent many companies back to the comfort of face-to-face customer pursuit. However, when done well, content marketing does work according to this year’s B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study by Edelman and LinkedIn.


We’re unpacking the results of the study with the first of two articles and the help of Joe Kingsbury who led the research at Edelman. We also offer some advice on mapping your content strategy to the buyer’s journey for better engagement and how to determine if you have enough thought leadership in your content mix.


If you have trouble finding good writers, there are some tips on doing that too. How would you describe your brand’s personality? Caroline Forsey's article, published by Hubspot, offers some help in our “One More Thing” section.


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Does Your B2B Thought Leadership Really Work?

Content marketing that employs thought leadership has been around for a long time, but it has become a common staple of B2B marketing strategies only in the past decade. Its widespread use has been fueled by the convenient availability of information and a desire among buyers to better inform their decision-making.

A Guide For Mapping Content To The B2B Buyer's Journey

Creating, classifying, and analyzing content according to the stages of the buyer's journey enables marketers to identify potential buying activity and share that valuable insight with their sales team.

What Does Enough Thought Leadership Look Like In Content Marketing?

There is a critical minimum volume of content that B2B marketers need to earn thought leadership status on a narrative.

  B2B Marketing Around The Web  
How To Find Writers And Help Them Deliver Successful Content

Below the erupting mass of new digital content - billions of new articles every month - a secret army labors tirelessly.


Wherever you see marketers launching e-books, running webinars, promoting blogs, and crafting events, these artisans are hammering, hacking, and whittling the words. These are the writers who make the content marketing world run. 


But, not all content is good. There are many reasons for this problem that fall into two categories - either they aren’t the right writer or you’re feeding them garbage. Here’s how to fix both.



What is your brand's personality?

If your company is in a transformational state, intentionally defining your organization’s personality is a valuable activity.


Perhaps you are part of a start-up that has experienced significant growth, maybe you have new leadership and cultural change, or you’re investing in marketing communications for the first time. These are all great circumstances that might lead you to develop a brand personality.


What is brand personality? Caroline Forsey from Hubspot explains that in a fun, entertaining way and offers a guide on how to develop one’s brand personality in a way that will help inform your content marketing planning and execution.


What Is A Brand Personality, According To Marketers Who've Developed Them (