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06.08.22 -- Differentiation, the Forgotten B2B Fundamental

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Differentiation, the Forgotten B2B Fundamental! 


John Wooden coached the UCLA men’s basketball team to ten national titles in a twelve-year span. He is considered the greatest college basketball coach ever and his goal was to help his players be successful in life, not just basketball.


He is well-known for his “pyramid of success” in which he shares the building blocks, or character traits, for long-term success in life. He is also known for his focus on mastering the fundamentals. The first practice each year at UCLA started with how to properly tie your sneakers—starting at the bottom and working your way up. It doesn’t get more fundamental than that.


The best basketball players, coaches, marketers, and business leaders tend to have one thing in common, mastering and focusing on the fundamentals. In this issue of our newsletter, we do just that. 


The articles are directed toward the critical fundamentals of B2B marketing, from differentiation to the buyer’s journey, from the four A’s of marketing to the essentials of content marketing.


So, we are intentionally disrupting that fast-break to your ABM campaign roll-out to sit down and examine how you're lacing-up your marketing shoes.


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Differentiation, The Forgotten B2B Fundamental!

B2B sellers tend to consider differentiation early when new products or services are being developed or at the end of the buyer’s journey when salespeople are overcoming objections or in a head-to-head battle for business with a competitor. It is not used enough when it can be most impactful, during the early and middle stages of the buyer’s journey. 

A Guide For Mapping Content To The B2B Buyer's Journey

Creating, classifying, and analyzing content according to the stages of the buyer's journey enables marketers to identify potential buying activity and share that valuable insight with their sales team.

Want To Have A Real Impact? Start With The 4 A’s Of Marketing

In my early days in B2B marketing, when print magazines ruled, I recall reading a short essay on the 4 A’s of Advertising. What struck me at the time was the essay’s focus on the buyer. It was among one of the first articles I read that captured the buyer perspective instead of the seller perspective. Yet we still see marketing and sales teams who expect to be able to shortcut the process and have a buyer go right from first contact to sale. It just doesn’t work that way! The 4 A’s can help us to better understand the buyer experience or journey. 

Content Marketing: Four Essential Elements

There are four things every B2B marketer needs to know and understand to become a successful content marketer. Learn and master these first.