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05.03.23 -- Customer Centered Content Marketing

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Customer Centered Content Marketing


Ask a dozen B2B solution providers if they employ content marketing as a strategy, each will likely say they do. If you ask the same group what that means, you’ll get a dozen different answers. 


Content marketing includes video tours of manufacturing spaces, CEO bios, articles on sustainability, research and case studies on various solutions, a photo of the sales team at a tradeshow cocktail party, and even a social media post featuring a dog that barks to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in C Minor no less. My point is that content marketing is widely defined when you ask solution providers. But what do prospects say?


B2B solution providers and their marketing teams typically have an approval process before content is distributed. It goes through a series of reviews, everyone has the opportunity to see it, add comments, make changes until it’s just right and then celebrate upon distribution. But that’s not the opinion that matters and it is no measurement of the effectiveness of the content.


Getting back to the fundamentals-marketing content is intended to influence target audiences. And B2B content marketing is intended to engage target audiences throughout their complex and at times, arduous, buyer’s journey. Simply put, it should help buyer’s advance to the next stage of their journey.


To do this, it must address the needs of the buyer in a way that is appropriate to the stage they’re in. Features and benefits promotions are not useful for prospects who are unaware of an issue they have for which a solution exists.


Content must be centered on the needs of the buyer, not the seller.


This edition of our newsletter is a deep dive into content marketing. It contains advice that is simple and straight forward with the outcome of helping you better engage your target audiences throughout their buyer’s journey, build trust with them, and grow your business as a result.


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- Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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