Newsletter | March 31, 2021

03.31.21 -- Creating Brand Awareness With B2B Content Marketing

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We often divide resources among two distinct categories: building brand awareness or increasing demand generation. The reality of today’s complex purchasing environment is that these two battles – branding and demand gen – are part of the same war. Content can provide ammunition for both.


In this week's featured article, we're reminded that content can and does help with brand awareness. Oh, and it will generate leads too. Content is the best of both worlds.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Creating Brand Awareness With B2B Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy can do more than generate demand; it can create brand awareness without breaking the bank like traditional marketing tactics.

Why You Can't Afford To Ignore Content Clusters

A content cluster provides context as well as a logical path for readers, and are a great way to adjust to the new world brought about by RankBrain and prepare for potential future updates to the Google algorithm.

The New Normal In B2B Marketing Is Already Here

This is a watershed moment for B2B marketers to reallocate marketing budgets to better align with the buyer's journey.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
What Do You Mean By Marketing As A Science?

Scott Brinker gives us this to think about: "Branding, messaging, and campaigns are predominantly about creation, while metrics and reporting are predominantly about analysis. Those are qualitatively different activities, right?" Later in this article from 2013, he asks us to think about this: "So if science in marketing is more than math — but less than magic — what exactly is it?"

How Do You Define And Mine Modern Marketing?

Amanda Batista summarizes the five marketing areas that make up the ideal Modern Marketer Scorecard: Marketing Technology, Targeting, Engagement, Analytics, and Conversion. Of those, Targeting and Engagement had the biggest dropoff between what marketers reported was ideal versus actual. Spoiler alert: This was way back in 2013. Not much has changed eight years later, has it?