Blog | November 10, 2021

Content Marketing, Determining What To Write About


By Perry Rearick, Chief Editor, Follow Your Buyer

anxiety and negative emotion

What do we write about? That is the most common question I hear from B2B marketing teams employing, or wanting to employ, a content marketing component to their strategy. It is a valuable question and deserves our best efforts!

When presented with this question, I typically ask the B2B marketing team about their buyer. I am often met with bewilderment and even frustration at times. “We know all about our target audience, we need ideas to write about!”  

As B2B marketers, everything we do is about our buyers, especially when identifying topics for content marketing. The best content marketers I know have an insatiable curiosity to understand everything about their buyers. What are their biggest challenges? What keeps them awake at night? What are the biggest issues preventing them from achieving their business goals? When we can adequately answer these questions, we can then ask ourselves, “How can I help them?”

Great content marketing strategies are fueled by editorial plans built around helping buyers with their biggest problems, not selling them.

The final quarter of the year can be an intense time for B2B marketers as you establish goals for the next year, build your plan, and secure resources to execute it well. If you are employing a content marketing strategy, and you certainly should be, at some point you will ask yourself, “What do we write about, what case studies do we highlight, what videos do we produce…?

When this question comes-up, think about your buyer, because they hold the answers!

I hope you have a great week!