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10.14.20 -- Behavioral Analytics Is The Intent Data B2B Marketers Need

Behavioral Analytics
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In this week's featured article, we revisit the idea of intent, which is THE buzzword in B2B marketing lately. To us, the idea of "intent" means leveraging content and behavioral analytics to identify when a buyer is ready to buy. Simple, right?


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer




Behavioral Analytics: An Overview For B2B Marketers

A behavioral analytics marketing strategy targets specific people – customers or prospects who are a fit for your solution or product. This is the kind of information sales teams crave. Keep reading to learn about the four categories of data your marketing engine would ideally capture to start down the path of understanding purchase intent.

Imagining An Ideal Application Of Behavioral Analytics In B2B Marketing

Marketers have a blind spot when it comes to differentiating interest vs. intent, but there is a way to expand the view into the buyer’s journey.

Applying B2C Predictive Analytics To B2B Marketing

It’s much easier to predict customer behavior in B2C marketing, but B2B marketers can still take advantage of behavioral data to gain better insight into the buyer’s journey.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
B2B Intent Data Explained: What, Where, How and Why?

Here's how Bombora defines intent data: "Intent data is information collected about a web users’ observed behavior...that provides insights into their interests. This insight often indicates potential intent to take a specific action. For businesses, that means understanding who might be inching closer to a buying decision or the nuances of the most common path towards a sale or conversion."

Why Intent Data Is The Future of B2B Marketing

Marketing Insider Group says, "Data is currently the lifeblood of all marketing efforts and strategies, assets such as demographics alone will no longer suffice like in the old days. Leveraging intent data with a myriad of other buyer signals can help marketers be more effective at...convincing their B2B customers to buy."