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12.15.21 -- B2B Social Media: Lose The Sales Pitch Please!

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The relationship between B2B marketing and social media can often be a mismatch like trying to force a square peg into a round hole.


We marketers have a long history of direct product and services messaging aimed at the end of the buyer’s journey and social media’s intent is to develop professional, mutually beneficial connections before a need to buy exists. Yet how often do we accept a connection invitation only to immediately receive an auto-generated sales pitch?  This mismatch is not going to resolve itself. It is up to us B2B marketing and sales professionals to transform how we use social media platforms.


In this edition of our newsletter, we offer some advice on how to develop, or re-set, your B2B social media program for effectiveness. And we offer some thoughts from Abby Sorensen, our editor at large, on how to close the gap in understanding between B2B content marketing and sales.


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The social media landscape is filled with potential pitfalls and landmines for B2B brands and we will make our fair share of mistakes. However, for the sake of our organization’s reputation we ought to do our best to avoid blunders. Liz McBrayer, Senior Manager of Marketing Content at ClickDimensions, offers some tips for avoiding common social media mistakes that B2B businesses often make.


1. Don't be too salesy.

2. Go where your audience is.

3. Listen.

4. Be timely in responses.

5. Optimize.

6. Don't just measure social metrics. 


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