Newsletter | December 9, 2020

12.09.20 -- B2B Content Marketing's Complicated Relationship With Leads

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You’ve heard this stat before if you’re a regular Follow Your Buyer reader. It’s from the book Selling To The C-Suite: "At any given time, only 4 percent of your market is actively buying, 40 percent are ready to start looking at options, and 56 percent aren't ready or don't have a current need."


Translation: Only 4% of your leads are any good, right? That's a tough pill for marketing and sales to swallow, especially when you are "doing" content marketing in order to generate good leads.


In this week's featured article, we discuss thinking beyond the confines of "new" leads. Content marketing can tell us so much about our buyers. We just have to be willing to listen, and to follow them.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Thinking Beyond Net-New Leads: Part 1

Infatuation with net-new leads means lost opportunities. That's why B2B marketers need to push back when the sales team undervalues lead intelligence on prospects they “are already working.”

Thinking Beyond Net-New Leads: Part 2

Don’t lose sight of opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and retain existing customers just because your marketing strategy places too much emphasis on net-new leads.

Leads Aren’t Buyers: Tracking Companywide Engagement In B2B Marketing

Your sales teams can’t sell to a "lead." The B2B purchasing process involves groups of buyers, not individual leads. So let's stop obsessing over individual leads and start looking at the entire buyer’s journey.

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