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06.23.21 -- B2B Content Marketing: Four Essential Elements

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"Content marketing is a journey without an end," says this week's featured article. "This is not a set it and forget it proposition."


Those statements are not meant to intimidate the readers of this Follow Your Buyer weekly newsletter. Rather, the aim is to remind us all that "content marketing" is not a single trade show to prep for or a single campaign to be executed. It's an ongoing way to help your buyers.


Stay the course. Keep creating content and putting it where your buyers are likely to engage with it.

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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


Content Marketing: Four Essential Elements

There are four things every B2B marketer needs to know and understand to become a successful content marketer. Learn and master these first.

Write For Someone, Not For Everyone

Developing accurate buyer personas and tailoring content might sound easy, but it’s arguably the most difficult – and the most important – part of the content marketing process.

Why Your Content Creation Strategy Needs Buyer-Centric Research

Choosing the content themes that will best drive buyer engagement used to be an educated guessing game, but now it can be an exact science thanks to primary research.

B2B Marketing Around The Web
The LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2021

Jonathan Lister, VP of Global Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, does an outstanding job summarizing this report. He says, "During the pandemic, virtual selling essentially became selling. It was the only way to reach prospects. Buyers don’t seem to mind this new reality." That's worth repeating: Buyers don’t seem to mind this new reality. Keep that in mind before you sink any significant chunk of your marketing budget back into face-to-face events.

The Real Audience For B2B Marketing Is...Not The C-Suite

"Sure, the C-suite may have to make the decision and/or sign the deal because they own the budget which makes them an important target...for your sales organization, but not marketing," says Scott Gillum in this post for The Drum. "So, given that, who is the audience for B2B marketers? It’s a director-level position."