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12.07.22 -- Are Your Customers Everywhere in Your Marketing Content?




Are Your Customers Everywhere in Your Marketing Content?


When asking B2B solution providers if they are focused on the needs of their customers, they will all respond with a resounding “yes.” However, for many, their marketing content and messaging doesn’t support that assertion.


Oh sure, websites will contain taglines like:


We care about our customers! Our customers are our number one priority! We put our customers first!


But behind all the “me and we-centered slogans”, there is little evidence that these companies actually care about their customers, even if they do.


The best way to communicate customer care in B2B advertising content is to prove it by communicating an understanding of your target audiences and this begins by placing them front and center in your content.


So, suspend the “we and me speak” and include your prospects and customers everywhere in your marketing messages.


This edition of our newsletter features an article with examples on creating customer-centric content that attracts prospects, holds their attention, and advances them along their buyer’s journey to a business relationship with you. 


And there is more on how you can develop a customer-focused content strategy that creates a following of engaged, interested prospects and buyers. 


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Are Your Customers Everywhere In Your Marketing Content?

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