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01.25.23 -- Are you suffering from email marketing self-deception?

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Is your company suffering from email marketing self-deception?


There is a terrible illness going around and I’m not talking about COVID or the seasonal flu. This ailment is targeting B2B marketers and has been for some time.


What is it? Email marketing self-deception!


According to therapist, Tom Dunn, a moderate level of self-deception under normal circumstances can provide a positive boost to our self-esteem. However, during times of great change—like now—self-deception can be debilitating.


As B2B marketers, we must look no further than our email marketing campaigns to find the evidence. The average B2B company blasts emails out to a list of prospects and customers several times per week. We use the same list, year in and year out, and we send a one-size-fits-all message. Then we measure the results by reporting opens and clicks.


The problem is those open rates of 40%, with 10% click throughs that we’re so proud of, are far less because we don’t, or can’t, filter out the bots. An email going to 10,000 names may be reaching the in-box of 1000 and only 100 may be seeing it.


Additionally, we send the same tired messaging each week: latest product features, visit us at the tradeshow, happy “fill in the blank with the current holiday” greeting. And, that 100 quickly dwindles to the single digits.


This edition of our newsletter contains some best thinking on email marketing.


Adam Smartschan, with Altitude Marketing, offers some valuable insights on the various categories of email marketing, an appropriate strategy for each, and how to effectively measure results.


We’ve also included a blog on how to begin getting your email marketing on track and a two-part series about those pesky bots and what you can do about them.


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- Perry

Perry Rearick

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


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