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07.20.22 -- Are you facing a content conundrum?

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Are you facing a content conundrum?


The reasons for jumping headlong into content marketing vary. For some, it was an intentional, strategic decision to better support your business and to align yourself with the journey your buyers take to make purchasing decisions. For others it may be a case of FOMO, like that bungee jumping adventure your friends talked you into doing.


Regardless of where you are in the evolution of adopting a content marketing strategy, we can all use some good advice on developing content that drives better engagement from our target audiences.


This edition of our newsletter is focused on content marketing. It features a great article from Wendy Jacobson that is the first in a series on creating case studies. She will be taking us through the entire lifecycle of case study development with this series and you don’t want to miss it. How’s that for some FOMO?


We also take a deep dive on content marketing with several more articles explaining what a good content marketing foundation is, how to think like a publisher, determining content topics and even what to do with the leads you receive.


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Perry Rearick

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Mastering Case Studies: Where To Begin

Among the various types of content created by content marketers to attract buyers, the case study plays a critical role. It helps the prospect transition from engaged curiosity to visualizing what it might look like to have their problem solved by you, the B2B seller.

The 3 Pillars Of Purposeful Content Marketing

When developing a content marketing strategy that will deliver positive business results, keep the three pillars in mind: value, relevance, and consistency.

Think Like A Publisher

If you are part of a B2B organization that delivers complex solutions that require a long-sales cycle, stop spray-and-pray and think like a publisher.

Content Marketing, Determining What To Write About

What do we write about? That is the most common question I hear from B2B marketing teams employing, or wanting to employ, a content marketing component to their strategy. It is a valuable question and deserves our best efforts!

What To Do With Those Content Marketing Leads

Ask yourself (and your sales team) these 4 questions when formulating a follow-up plan for B2B buyers who engage with your content.