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05.19.21 -- 3 Keys To Ditching The Marketing Speak And Developing Relevant B2B Content

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A lot has changed in B2B marketing. But a lot has stayed the same. Guess how long ago this week's featured article was originally published? Go ahead, take a guess.


About a decade ago, yet this still rings true today: "Expecting to generate a sale from every new Twitter follower or forcing a pitch into every blog post ruins your chances of earning your audience's trust. The stronger your content, the greater the connection you will build and the less need you'll have to hard sell at all."


It just goes to show how the core principles of content marketing have stood the test of time.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


3 Keys To Ditching The Marketing Speak And Developing Relevant B2B Content

Typical B2B marketing is filled with overused, self-serving puffery like "best-in-class" and "results-oriented." As meaningless as these terms are on your homepage and brochure, using the same approach for your content marketing will almost certainly have disastrous long-term consequences.

How To Explain Content Marketing To Sales & Executive Teams

Content marketing might not be a new concept for marketers, but it usually is for sales teams, and that's why marketers need to take the initiative to educate their colleagues about what it is and how it works.

Expedite Your Content Approval Process With These 5 Questions

Content will see the light of day sooner if you ask pointed questions about the value each stakeholder brings to the content approval process and come to the table with real data.

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Building A Modern Marketing Organization

Here's another blast from the past. This 2015 guide for CMOs, courtesy of the CMO Club, pointed out that, "innovative new tools for marketing smarter and engaging customers more effectively are being delivered at a pace never before encountered by marketing professionals." So true, and still true, even today. 

Preparing for the Next Wave of Events – Hybrid Events

"Hybrid events can take on a variety of formats to accommodate a remote audience while maximizing engagement," says Brittany Lieu, marketing consultant at Heinz Marketing. It might finally be time to accept that in-person events will never be the same, and this new model is here to stay.