Newsletter | January 6, 2021

01.06.21 -- 2021 B2B Marketing Predictions

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This picture of my dog at daycare is a simple way to explain why I'm so passionate about a different way to "do" B2B marketing. Because B2B buying shouldn't be so frantic and exhausting. (My dog represents the B2B buyer, by the way.)


B2B buyers don't want to be chased or trapped. They want to buy on their own timeline. Let's strive to help buyers, to follow buyers in 2021. In this week's featured article, I predict some ways we can do exactly that.


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Abby Sorensen

Chief Editor | Follow Your Buyer


From The Editor: 2021 B2B Marketing Predictions

Don’t sit back and wait. Make sure you’re creating and distributing content and virtual experiences now before your buyers even realize they need what you’re selling. Be proactive and figure out new ways to reach your buyers in 2021.


The Best Content Marketing Can’t Outperform Bad Sales Follow-up

A perfectly executed content marketing strategy won’t lead to more revenue unless sales follow-up is existent, effective, and consistent.

What To Do With Those Content Marketing Leads

Ask yourself (and your sales team) these 4 questions when formulating a follow-up plan for B2B buyers who engage with your content.

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Why B2B Marketers Need To Bet Big On ‘The Big Long’

"Brand building is The Big Short opportunity in B2B, The Big Long, if you will. And over the next 10 years, we expect to see the dollars flow towards the top of the funnel," says Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo.

When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why?

"Digital marketing works; but the vast majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity currently," says Dr. Augustine Fou in this Forbes article. This is a must-read. Let me repeat: A must read.