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Want to learn more about Follow Your Buyer? Been struggling with your content marketing? Looking for a good place to interact with other B2B marketers? We're happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

This isn’t just a “marketing” blog. We launched the Follow Your Buyer brand to help marketers, sales professionals, and members of the C-suite learn how to connect with buyers.

Our advice clearly differentiates the sales funnel from the buyer’s journey. We’re not here to tell you how to “create demand.” We’re here to help you understand what your buyers go through to purchase a product or service.

We live by the “write for someone, not for everyone” mantra. Our "someone" works at a B2B company with long, complex sales cycles in markets like clinical research, pharmaceutical outsourcing, wastewater treatment, electronics, and some sectors of IT.

We’re really, truly, honestly aren't trying to sell anything. We’re not an agency. We’re not consultants. We’re not a software platform. Yes, as a B2B publisher, our content helps us better educate our own customers and prospects, which, in turn, helps us generate revenue. But our content is free and readily available to any and all B2B marketers regardless of whether or not you partner with our publications.

Follow Your Buyer is platform-, format-, and technology-agnostic. You can follow your buyer with HubSpot or excel sheets, Marketo or sticky notes. Let us know how we can help.

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Learning to follow your buyer is a change in mindset

A transition from selling buyers on what you do to helping them accomplish what they do.